Yet again, Mr McCullough continues to draw you in with drama, adventure, tragedy, revenge, and so much more. On the Edge of Now: Flux—a Prequel Novella was entangling, heart pounding, and a fantastic read!
—Debbie Reid-Krahn
When time travel is possible, ‘prequel’ can take on a variety of meanings.  In the latest and, perhaps, final chapter of On The Edge of Now, Brian McCullough explores the ripple effect of an historic event—a snapshot in time is from the occurrence of the event, to the future, to now. With new characters, facing new challenges, readers are left wanting more!
—Robert Clark
Another fantastic book by Mr. McCullough! On the Edge of Now fans will be surprised and excited, and new readers will love this book and want to start reading the On the Edge of Now series. Great job, once again!
—Barrett E. McKinnon, Author
the Manufactured Messiah
The measure of a fiction writer’s skill is the author’s ability to create an engaging story, evoking emotional responses from the reader. Brian McCullough artfully ties everything together in Flux—a Prequel Novella. Remember the epilogue in Book I—the Departure? Now it all fits. Nicely done!  Although he’s moving on to new genres and characters, I’m not convinced the Travelers’ adventures are over. I’m sure, however, fans of the On the Edge of Now series will clamor for more. Count me in!
—Denton Craig
Again, Brian McCullough doesn’t disappoint—I was hooked on the first page! A book I couldn’t put down, the author’s ability to insinuate readers into the lives of his characters is second to none. For such a short story, it really packs a potent punch, and I’m looking forward to whatever stories he has next!
—Shane Potts
Author Brian McCullough has done it again!  A complete and total page turner that leaves room for more adventures for our traveler friends. Thank you for writing this story, and helping to complete the circle while remaining excited for what can possibly come next! How will I ever keep up?
—Faith Wood, Author
the Accidental Audience, a Colbie Colleen suspense series

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