“Mission accomplished! As the Travelers’ saga reaches the end, Enlightenment is a masterful finale. Layered plot lines, intrigue, and fast-paced action deliver Brian McCullough’s message evident throughout the On the Edge of Now series. Courage, will, and determination can conquer injustice, regardless of its form. What a fun and uplifting reading experience! Well done!”


“Just finished Book 6, Enlightenment, in the On the Edge of Now series. Loved it, and now I’m impatiently awaiting the prequel! Another cliffhanger ending kept me up to all hours of the night, and I have a sense we haven’t seen the last of our heroes. No wonder he’s winning awards for this incredible series!”


“The end—but, is it the conclusion? Once again, McCullough smoothly transitions between many story and plot lines, offering another satisfying read as it transports readers to another place and set of rules. In a final, dramatic twist, the stage is set for the prequel, leaving the loyal reader waiting for March, 2017. Reading the first 5 books will be time well spent!”


In their newest challenge, our portal travelling heroes face a world enslaved by alien lizards. Outmatched physically and technologically, the people of earth must rely upon their mental resources and strength of will. The arrogance of underestimating their opponent may be the lizard’s downfall.

Book V is full of action and exciting plot twists and turns! McCullough’s vivid imagination is given free rein, yet balanced with fine attention to detail. The characters are once more placed in extraordinary circumstances, but equipped with the tools to succeed. Logical explanations are provided, and the reader is permitted to suspend disbelief. The author delivers a story on multiple levels, always with the underlying message of hope.

Tag remains the main character, but other memorable characters are introduced and further developed. Relationships advance and there is even insight into the reptilian minds. Perhaps we are provided with a warning. Throughout the challenges, the bonds between people and the essence of what makes us human are recognized and celebrated.

The book moves rapidly with multiple storylines. It is a great summer read.

The stage is set for an amazing finale. I am still unable to predict fully what may lie ahead. That creates excitement in my mind and anticipation to read the next book. The travellers’ upcoming challenge is introduced in the last few pages of Book V, along with more cryptic information regarding the controllers.

This book can be enjoyed as a stand-alone novel, but for maximum effect and enjoyment, I suggest reading the entire series in order.

—Robert Clark

McCullough did it again with Jagged Edge! Hooked after reading the first novel in the On Edge of Now series, the new sequel may be my favorite, so far. Coupled with his ability to weave an intriguing, engaging plot, he created another group of memorable characters I’ll remember long after turning the final page. Great read . . . can’t wait to find out what peril next awaits the Travelers!

—Denton Craig


McCullough did it again! What can I say about Enlightenment? Amazing. Riveting. Keeps you wanting more—and, more. Following the Travelers to another world, we’re moved through a world of intrigue and action—it’s a joy to learn of Tag’s abilities in another world where he ‘s subjected to yet another challenge to test his mettle and intelligence. McCullough leads us on a totally different journey while developing the Travelers more, ensuring twists and turns the reader won’t expect—what a glorious ending to a great adventure!!! Do yourself a favor, and put aside a day or two to get comfy in your favorite reading spot, turn off your phone and social media, and get lost in the new world Brian McCullough brings to life. This has been the best couple of afternoons I’ve had in a long time . . . approximately 3 months, since book V. I look forward to the prequel, as well as all other stories McCullough is going to bring to life!”



“I’m so obsessed with this book! Every chapter something exciting happens, and there’s never a dull moment—I couldn’t put it down!”

            —J. COX
Freshman, high school

“If you enjoy action, intelligent science fiction, and vivid characters, this book is for you! The underlying story continues to unfold, linking back to Books I and II in the series, and I encourage readers to read them first. By the end of Book III, readers are left with a number of questions—the only problem is we have to wait three months for answers in Book IV!


“I picked up a copy of this book out of genuine curiosity—put it down only after a marathon read. WOW! Exciting twists and turns with just the right dose of suspense and intrigue.   So eager for the next book! A brilliant new author, and one you won’t want to miss!”

FAITH WOOD, AUTHOR, the Accidental Audience

“A great break from reality while still feeling real. The author has a true understanding for human emotion!”

B. Hager, freshman in high school

“This book will be the death of me! In study hall, at one point I freaked out by what happened to a character—now my peers are convinced I’m crazy . . .”

S. Mayer, freshman in high school

“A fun book, and a great read!”

J. Cox, freshman in high school

“Brian McCullough is an exceptional author who paints vivid images of new worlds, cities, and characters. Perhaps best of all, it kept me intrigued and, each time I set his book down, I looked forward to picking it up again—I wanted more! I love how the characters learn to adjust to diversity and challenges of each new world, and how they grow through each new acquaintance they meet. I found myself wondering if they will ever see their world and families again. I want to know what happens next!”

Debbie Reid-Krahn