Book 3 – Redemption

Their distance provided a margin of safety, but only if they used hand weapons with a standard projectile. Anything based on beam technology—or, a long gun—would be devastating, and beyond range for effective return fire. In the brief glimpse of them, there were no apparent weapons. He considered retreat—however, it was a choice against the nature of his people’s militaristic psychological makeup. Besides, they were walking for days since arriving in their new world and, at the forest’s edge, was the first sighting of a species other than birds, animals, or critters that slithered. Evidence of civilized society did not exist. Brian McCullough’s On the Edge of Now: Book III—Redemption transports readers to an empty world—or, was it? After days of searching and solitude, the Travelers find themselves in the hunt with an unknown enemy—Tag, Rose, Claire, and Devin are prey! The threat of perishing a constant concern, they fight for their lives as they look for a new way home!

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