Book 6- Enlightenment

The young man—a teenager, really—sighed, and began explaining the situation as if he were speaking with a child. “The Selected are people chosen to live above ground in specially-designed enclosures that offer protection from the Vorang—and, anything else which might try to kill them. They have housing, gardens, and recreational space—and, they make things which they trade to us for crops we grow.” He paused for a moment as he considered the ever-present danger. “Although, getting stuff to them is hit-and-miss with the threat of the Vorang . . .”

“How do you grow crops down here?” That concept was one Claire couldn’t quite grasp.

“Hydroponics—but, most of our crops are up top.”

Rose’s eyebrows arched about as far as they could go. “You go up there to farm with those things running loose?”

“Only in the daylight. The Vorang don’t come out too much during the day—they’re nocturnal. And, we make sure everyone is armed, although it takes a lot to bring one of them down. Mostly, we try to scare them away . . .”

Tag extended his hand. “I’m Tag, and thank you for saving us.” As he introduced everyone, the young man nodded and offered a shy smile. “I’m Helm—my family and five others live in this place . . .” He glanced at each Traveler. “I’ll take you to meet them, if you like . . .”

“Meeting your family will be great,” Rose agreed. “This must be a good-sized place to house six families!”

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